HLAA – Palm Beach County Chapter

The Palm Beach County Chapter of the HLAA is a non-profit, non-sectarian educational organization devoted to the welfare and interests of those who are hearing impaired and committed to participating fully in the hearing world.

Our Mission:  To support and empower people with all degrees of hearing loss — to help them understand their challenges and develop strategies to be safe and to thrive.

Together, we can make hearing loss visible! Friends, relatives, employers, medical professionals and business owners are always welcome at chapter meetings. The point of meeting? To socialize, share tips and ask questions of people who have similar experiences.

Monthly chapter meetings are held at 10:30 am on the first Saturday of each month, October through May, at Boynton Beach City Hall. (Except in January 2022, our meeting date is January 8, 2022.)

Saturday, November 6 is our our next meeting date. We will view the award-winning documentary, we hear you|NOW HEAR US! and will discuss afterwards. Click for the trailer>> Click for PDF of Flyer with directions.

Veterans with Hearing Loss: In addition to our local chapter meetings, please visit here to join the HLAA Veterans Across America Virtual Chapter. The mission of the Chapter is to provide education, be an advocate for veterans with hearing loss, and to provide a support system to help them to return and adjust to civilian life. “If you are a military veteran with hearing loss or a caregiver of a veteran, we welcome you.”

Did you miss our meeting about your right to accessibility (for effective communications) in public spaces? Pamela Guerrier, Director of Palm Beach County’s Office of Equal Opportunity spoke about Palm Beach County’s Office of Equal Opportunity and how the staff help people with hearing loss in places of public accommodation and on the job. Read more>

If you are interested in presenting to our chapter members please send your idea(s) and contact information to hlaa.spbc@gmail.com.

Membership: If you are interested in chapter membership ($25/person or $35/family per year), please download the membership application and return by mail or bring to a chapter meeting.